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He also sees a happier side to Loor who he says looked like a princess. The two almost share a kiss during the parade, but Bobby stops himself. Loor takes Bobby to her favorite spot, where Pelle a Zinj notices them, and comes down to talk to them. As he is talking to them, a Rokador assassin stabs Pelle a Zinj, killing him. During the ensueing panic, the Ghee lunge at Bobby, but Loor defeats them. After fighting their way through an oblivious crowd, Bobby tells Loor that he saw Saint Dane there.

He also speculates that this was the turning point for Zadaa, and the travelers helped push it the wrong way Because they were present, Pelle a Zinj came down to talk to them, allowing the assassin to strike. The story on Second Earth begins by describing how Courtney Chetwynde felt.

About the true reason she went to Eelong. She fell into a depression. Her parents pity just made things worse. So did the therapist. She decided that the only person who could help her out was herself. So, she decided to go to a summer school. On the way, her parents and herself were nearly ran off the road by a mysterious black sedan. As they reached the school, a football flew toward Mr. Courtney expertly trapped the ball and returned it to its owner, who was a blonde athletic guy. She went to her dorm, and noticed something.

Parked outside on the roadside, close to her dorm, was the mysterious black sedan.

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Courtney's first week at summer school proved to be exactly what she needed. She took three classes, and was beginning to feel like herself. She saw the blonde boy all around the campus and soon found out his name was Whitney Wilcox. One day, she was walking back to her dorm from the library. As she turned onto a shortcut, the black sedan appeared. It drove down the alleyway and nearly ran her over. She fell down, and saw Whitney running towards her. This was the start of a growing relationship between Courtney and Whitney.

A few days later, Whitney took Courtney on a date to Pizza Palace. She said that she would bike there to meet him. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The book is set on Zadaa. The Battle Continues. Contents [ show ]. She was also the only girl. It made me incredibly proud, and more than a little scared.

More scary was the fact that they all carried weapons. I had seen war games here on Zadaa a while back. In that battle the contestants used short wooden sticks as weapons to knock colored pegs off their opponents. It was more like a brutal game of capture the flag than real war. Not this time.

Here in the dry, dusty square, each warrior had a small shield in one hand, and a short, sharp sword in the other. Sharp swords meant blood. My heart raced. This was no game. The two groups of warriors met near the fountain in the center of the square, saluted each other with their swords and stepped back. The crowd cheered its approval. Another Ghee warrior entered the square. He strode to the center and stood between the two trios of warriors. He saluted Loor's group, then the other.

He looked up at the crowd and announced: "The challenge has been set. The stakes are clear. He continued, "To the victor goes the right to control the newly discovered well. The match will follow in the long tradition of the Ghee. Victory shall go to the warrior who cleanly severs two heads. My knees went weak. Did I hear right? Were these guys going to go after one another's heads?

I wanted to scream. I wanted to jump down, grab Loor, and pull her out of there. This was insane! I felt totally, absolutely helpless. As impossible as this sounds, I started to sweat some more. The Ghee announcer shouted, "To the brave, we salute you! The crowd cheered again. My stomach twisted. There was every possibility that in a few minutes, Loor would be dead. And for what? A drink of water? The announcer walked quickly out of the killing box.

Once he was clear, the two groups of warriors faced each other, and saluted again with their swords. I wanted to shout out, "Stop! The two trios of warriors backed off from each other, while keeping their eyes on their opponents. The crowd quieted. It was eerie. There must have been a thousand people lining the balconies of that square, but for that one moment, all I could hear was the wind from the desert blowing through the arid streets of Xhaxhu.

The trumpet sounded again. The battle was on.

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There were rich palm trees, colorful hanging gardens and even fountains that sprayed water in intricate patterns around the massive statues of stone. The royal family has made it known that they wish to work through this catastrophe peacefully. Without another word Loor strode back to her horse and mounted up. About D. By now, several more Ghee warriors had heard the commotion and started to gather.

They all looked pretty scary, wearing the black leather armor of the Ghee. They were definitely pros I saw no difference between the group loyal to the royal family of Xhaxhu, and the rebels who wanted to start a war with the Rokador. They all just looked like And Loor's being the only girl among them didn't mean she was at a disadvantage.

No way. I'd seen her level guys who towered over her. But when you had six fierce warriors mixing it up with swords, anything could happen. I stole a quick glance up to the mysterious guy who was watching from above. He was hidden beneath his purple cloak, so I couldn't get a good look at his face. I wondered if he was a Rokador trying to blend in, like I was. Seeing him stand there made me realize that wearing a heavy cloak in this kind of heat probably made us stand out more than if we were walking around with our white skin gleaming in the sun.

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The truth was, it didn't matter. Nobody cared about us. All eyes were focused down into the square, waiting for the carnage. I wondered if there was going to be some kind of signal to start the fight. Would there be a whistle? Was a referee going to come in and drop his hand? Or maybe this was more like a quick draw, where the action would begin as soon as somebody twitched. My stomach turned at the thought that I would see these warriors going at it until two of their heads were lopped off. I never even thought I could stomach one of those bullfights where the poor bull was skewered at the end.

That was bad enough. The idea of people being decapitated went way past gross and into the land of gruesome. Even worse, the idea that one of them was Loor made me go numb. It was like a dream. A really bad dream. The two groups stood that way for what seemed like forever. I was dying. When was this going to start? The answer came a moment later. What happened wasn't at all what I expected. In some ways, it was worse. The silence was torn by a hideous sound such as I had never heard before. It was like an angry screech that came from some vicious animal.

In fact, that's exactly what it was. A gasp went up from the crowd when two doors were flung open at the base of one of the buildings, and a black zhou beast charged into the square. The danger just got dialed up. The beast looked pretty much like the statue in the center of the square. It was a giant cat, way bigger than the klees of Eelong, which were pretty much human-size.

If it was up on its hind legs, this thing would be taller than Loor by five feet. Its paws were immense, with six curved claws--I could tell because those lethal claws were out and ready for action. The beast was mostly black, but its sleek fur had shiny spots of red blood oozing from small wounds everywhere. I guessed that somebody must have 13 23 stabbed at it a bunch of times so it would be PO'd enough to fight, like with a bullfight. It was a logical guess, because this monster definitely wanted a piece of somebody.

It leaped from the open doorway, ready to roll. Instantly the door was slammed shut behind it. Whoever was inside didn't want this bad boy to turn around and jump back in, looking for the guy who punched it full of holes. The monster crouched on all fours, looking around for something to chew.

It snarled viciously revealing razorlike fangs. My mouth went dry. Oh yeah, in case you forgot, the zhou beast had two heads, both with equally long, sharp fangs. The two heads acted separately, peering around with keen eyes. I wondered which head was the one that controlled the rest of the body. If one wanted to go right and the other left, well, that would be interesting. This whole event would have been interesting, if Loor hadn't been down there about to be eaten. The two teams of warriors went into action. They held their swords and shields out defensively.

I quickly realized that they weren't interested in fighting one another. This was all about the zhou beast. Two heads had to be severed. That's what the announcer had said. I had to guess that the two heads he was talking about belonged to the zhou thingy. The contest was really about which team would get the heads.

At first I was relieved that Loor wasn't in danger of being killed by a fellow Ghee. But it was quickly replaced by the fear she would be killed by a two-headed cat monster.

Pendragon Adventures Book 6 The Rivers of Zadaa Audiobook Part 7 of 11 3gp

Dead is dead. The two trios of warriors circled the beast. The monster whipped its heads back and forth, watching them. After a few seconds of this size-up, the beast stopped snarling and crouched low, its tail whipping back and forth like, well, like an angry cat. I wasn't sure if it was afraid, or surrendering, or getting ready to spring. One warrior had a rope and lassoed the zhou like a rodeo cowboy, snaring one of its heads. The crowd roared its approval. But before Loor or her other teammate could make the next move, the rival team took advantage.

One of the warriors leaped onto the back of the zhou and raised his sword, ready to plunge it into the back of the two-headed cat. Bad move. Only one of the zhou's heads was being controlled by Loor's teammate. The other head was free and looking for trouble. Before the warrior could attack, the zhou's free head twisted around at an angle that I didn't think was possible.

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I guess the warrior on its back didn't think it was possible either, or he wouldn't have been dumb enough to be there. The zhou clamped its mouth around the legs of its tormentor, making the warrior scream in agony. He was so surprised that he didn't even use his sword. The zhou yanked the warrior off its back and started snapping its head back and forth It was gruesome to see this guy being whipped around like a toy, but I didn't want to miss anything, so I sort of squinted. I know, what a wuss, but my words can't describe how horrible it was. After a few seconds the zhou spit the warrior out, sending him crashing down to the dusty ground.

His armor was torn and there was blood everywhere, but he was alive. Loor and her team grabbed the rope and worked together to pull the zhou away from the fallen warrior. The zhou fought back, but Loor and the others managed to drag it far enough away from the injured warrior so that his teammates could run in to rescue him. I thought that was a pretty good show of sportsmanship.

They had saved their opponent's life. As it turned out, the injured guy's teammates weren't as caring. Nobody went to his rescue. They let him lie there, 15 25 dying. I didn't know which was worse, seeing this guy nearly bitten in half, or knowing that his friends didn't care about saving his life. That told me a lot about the Ghee warriors who favored war against the Rokador. They were cold-blooded Note to self: Keep an eye on the rebel Ghee warriors. Things got worse. The zhou suddenly sprang into the air so quickly that the crowd gasped. I did too.

This beast got some serious vertical. It moved so quickly that it took Loor's team by surprise. It yanked the rope away from Loor and one other warrior. The third warrior wasn't so lucky. He got his arm wrapped up in the rope. The zhou whipped its head back, pulling the helpless warrior off his feet. The zhou's next move was to pounce on the fallen Ghee. The poor guy tried to roll away, but he was so tangled in his own rope he couldn't move fast enough.

Unlike Loor's team, the rival warriors weren't about to try and save him either. No big surprise. But Loor tried. Without hesitation she leaped at the zhou, shield first. With one arm she slammed her shield into one head, while slashing at the other with her sword. Both heads reared back in surprise and pain, which gave Loor the time she needed. With one continuous move she spun back, slashing her sword again, severing the rope that tied her fallen friend to the zhou.

Their other teammate was able to pull the guy to his feet and get him away before the zhou could come after them again. Round one went to the zhou beast. Round two went to Loor. But the beast didn't look any worse for the wear, and both Ghee teams were hurting. I wondered what would happen if there was no way they could slay this thing.

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The Rivers of Zadaa book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. THE BATTLE struggle of good versus evil. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade -Bobby Pendragon plunges once The Rivers of Zadaa (Pendragon Book 6) by [MacHale, D.J.].

How would this end? Was this going to be a fight to the death for both sides? The next move was the beast's. Loor had hurt him. She 16 26 had drawn blood. He was ticked. He wanted revenge. He went after Loor. Before she realized that she was being attacked, the beast lashed out at her arm, slashing her shoulder. Loor dove away, and dropped her sword. This was bad. All she had left to protect herself was the lame little shield.

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The beast kept after her. Loor needed help. Her team went after the rope as she jumped up and bolted in the other direction. The zhou wasn't fooled. He was right after her. Loor sprinted toward the fallen warrior from the other team. What was she doing? The big zhou leaped into the air. Loor dove to the ground, tucked, rolled, and grabbed the sword from the injured warrior's hand. She was armed again! The zhou landed, ready to attack. Loor quickly slashed at its front paws. The beast screamed in pain and fell hard, headfirst. Or, headsfirst. Face-plant into the dirt. Or faces-plant.

Loor rolled away, having dodged death once again. But the zhou wasn't finished. Not by far. Loor jumped to her feet, and was headed back to her teammates when one of the rival warriors tackled her. I couldn't believe it! She never saw him coming. The crowd booed, but it didn't stop the warrior. He yanked the sword away from her. I guess he felt it belonged to his team, but c'mon! Before Loor had a chance to react, the rival warrior was scampering back to join his own teammate. I was beginning to hate these guys. Loor was once again without a weapon.

The zhou was getting back to his feet. Loor's teammates were on the other side of the square, holding the rope, ready to help. She wasn't even close to them. She was on her own. The zhou got its wits back, scanned the square with both heads, and spotted Loor. She was out in the open, totally 17 27 defenseless.

The zhou squatted down like a cat ready to pounce. I thought there was nowhere for Loor to go. But I was wrong. Before the beast leaped, Loor sprinted for the center of the square and the statue in the dry fountain. She made it to the statue of the Ghee warrior battling the zhou and climbed. The crowd was going nuts.

Loor had become the favorite. I had no idea what she was going to do up there, except maybe buy a little time. I sure hoped the zhou couldn't climb. If it could, Loor would be trapped, and finished. Her teammates didn't know what to do, and the rival team certainly wasn't going to bail her out.

She was climbing up onto a dead end. Dead being the operative word. She had gotten partway up the statue when I saw someone sprinting across the square. At first I thought it was one of the other warriors, but a quick look showed me that someone else had entered the contest. It was Saangi, Loor's squire. She definitely had a plan, because her head was down and her legs were pumping. She didn't have a weapon, and even if she did, I didn't think she stood a chance against the zhou. One thing was sure. This young girl had guts. On the other side of the statue, the zhou was crouched and stalking.

Either it didn't feel like there was any need to rush, or its paws were too slashed up to run. It was closing in on Loor. Whatever Saangi had planned, she had to do it fast. She ran to the spot where Loor had dropped her sword, and scooped it up. Without hesitating, she turned and sprinted for the statue.

Loor looked in time to see her sword sailing toward her. For a brief second my heart stopped, thinking Loor was about to be impaled by her own sword. I should have known better. I guess Saangi wasn't so bad either. But this impressive move alone wasn't going to win the battle. The zhou had decided to throw away caution. It began to charge.

The final attack was on. Loor was about to reach the highest point of the statue, which was on top of the stone heads. There was some kind of symbolism here that I didn't bother to analyze. It was pretty clear to me that this statue wasn't tall enough. If the zhou could still jump half as high as I'd seen before, he would nail Loor, sword or not.

But Loor's teammates didn't let her down. Before the big cat made its final leap, they tossed the rope at it, lassoing its leg. The beast's eyes were intent on Loor and didn't see it coming. The two warriors yanked hard, keeping the zhou from leaping. The surprised beast looked down at the rope And Loor made her move.

The Rivers of Zadaa (Pendragon #6)

She leaped off the statue and onto the back of the zhou. But unlike the rival warrior who had tried this before, Loor's weapon was ready. I think the sword hit its mark before Loor's feet hit its back. The power of her fall drove the sword deep into the back of the zhou, all the way to the handle. It was horrible and strange to see both heads react with surprise and agony.

Its body arched up so quickly, it threw Loor off. She landed hard, rolled, then popped up, ready to finish the job. She was too late. No sooner had she been thrown, than the two rival warriors leaped onto the back of the wounded zhou. Using their swords, they slashed at its dying heads. This time I had to look away. No way I wanted to see this. Luckily the crowd was in an uproar, so I didn't have to hear it either. Half the crowd was cheering because the battle was won, the other half was booing because the true winner, Loor, was not going to come away with the prize.

This was all 19 29 about who got the heads. Loor and her team may have stopped the zhou, but they did not get the heads. A technicality, but those were the rules. I didn't think it was fair, but I was more relieved that Loor had survived. I stood with my back to the square, not wanting to imagine how gruesome the scene was on the ground. As I stood there, I glanced up to the next level to see how the strange observer with the purple robe was reacting. Whose side was he on? Would he be cheering, or jeering? I never found out, because he was gone. Or maybe I should say, it was the first time I saw Loor obey an order.

Saangi may have been her younger aide, but she acted more like a stern, caring mother. Loor sat still, impatiently, while Saangi sewed together the wound in her arm. It wasn't a deep wound that the zhou beast had cut, but it was serious enough that it needed stitching. To these warrior types, it was no big deal. Loor didn't even wince. But I had to look away, or I would have ralphed right there on the floor of Loor's home. That wouldn't have been cool.

The Rivers of Zadaa (Pendragon series # 6)

She knew it did. They knew I was just trying to be casual. I needed to change the subject or risk being revealed as a full-tilt wussy. Saangi should not have interfered. I looked to Saangi. Saangi didn't react. No matter what happened after that, my team would have lost. I didn't argue. Truth was, she probably would have. How much water did they find in that well? Today the battle was over water. Soon it will be for control of Xhaxhu's future, and Zadaa. She looked me right in the eye and added, "That is why you are here.

That's why I was there. Sitting in a hot, dusty apartment in a stone pyramid that housed rival tribal warriors on a desert territory light-years from home, watching my friend being sewn up so we could figure out how to stop a demon from destroying everything that ever was and would 22 32 be. Yeah, that pretty much summed up the situation.

Suddenly the idea of watching skin being stitched didn't seem so bad. But now the battle has come to my home territory. I do not mean to say that Zadaa has more value than the other territories, but I would be lying if I said it did not hold more importance for me. We will not fail here. Saint Dane will be stopped.

At least about the Traveler part, anyway. We had done pretty well so far in our mission to stop Saint Dane and his quest to control Halla. Denduron, Cloral, First Earth, and Eelong were all victories. He had tried to turn each of these territories toward chaos, and each time we were able to stop him. Our only failure had been on Veelox. That territory was doomed to crumble because the people chose to live in a virtual fantasy world instead of reality.

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The Traveler there, Aja Killian, was still doing her best to keep the Lifelight supercomputer running and the people alive. Our only hope for that territory was to defeat Saint Dane. For good. Maybe then we could go back to Veelox and help Aja put the pieces back together. We were four-and-one, but it wasn't as simple as that.

We may have turned Saint Dane back on those other territories, but victory often came at a steep price. I can't help but have the sick feeling that in order to win the battles, Saint Dane has gradually chipped away at our strength. What's that old saying about winning the battle but losing the war? As important as every territory is, this wasn't about any one battle. There's no question that we aren't as strong as we used to be, and the war is still very much on. My uncle Press is dead. So is Vo Spader's father. Osa and Seegen were killed too. Writing it all down like this makes me realize just how many people have made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Saint Dane.

I don't 23 33 know if the feeling I have is sadness, or anger.

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Probably a little of both. Throw in a little fear for good measure. Never forget the fear. But that's not all. Spader and Gunny were trapped on Eelong when the flume collapsed. I don't mean to bring up a sore subject, but if I'm going to do a recap here, I've got to include it all. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup.

Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. MacHale Kobo ebook March 6, Prices and offers may vary in store. About The Author.