The Darkness Below

The Darkness Below: a retro CRPG in the making
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What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

If you don't care, read on! Since time began, you have existed. Your world was simple in its design: a landscape of dark stone, pocked with pits of energy left over from Creation, from which you drew your power.

There was no need for anything more or less. Then Armok the Enemy came, seeking to reshape it in His design.

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You fought against Him, pushing Him back with the limitless numbers of your kind. Although He was repelled, the Enemy found another way to enact His will. Shaping massive spires of divine power upon His mighty anvil, He drove them deep into the pits of Creation, and upon them, built the incomprehensibly massive structure known as the Overworld. There, He had forged all sorts of curious designs: the liquid materials of water and magma, plants, the stars, the sun and moon, and life.

Yes, life. That which had previously been the domain of your kind alone has now been rendered mundane and weak.

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The soulless husks of the dead are cast down into your world, where they are quickly rent to shreds by claw, tooth and fury. Those that are not killed become the eternal focus of your hatred, caged like the animals they themselves enslaved, tortured and mutilated. Their horrifying screams fill the air regularly. Over time, the spires began to weaken. Though threaded with impenetrable material, there were those whom could worm their way through one, perhaps one or two at a time, and escape eternal confinement. Masquerading as the weaker life upon the surface of the Overworld, they manipulated its mortal dwellers into serving their will.


One such race of these mortal creatures, the 'dwarves', have established an outpost close to one of the weaker spires that holds their world aloft. From the beginning of their existence as a unified civilization, this moment has been planned. From within its hollow walls, the constant hammering of metal against stone can be heard. The sound is one that strikes deep within your black heart; the last time such a thing was heard amongst your kind, it had been by the Enemy's hand, forging the bars of your prison. A chunk of the spire falls to the dark stone at your feet.

A legion of your infernal siblings stands behind you, ready to follow you into the Overworld to undo all that the Enemy has wrought. Such suits are battery powered, but the charge will hold up to strenuous use Constant movement and even full strain on the suit's power system for up to and exceed a week. Collapsible solar panels can be fitting to the suit in the field, extending this to some degree Racker frames are capable of dead-lifting 9, lbs roughly kg for our metric readers and possibly more with the right modifications.

The suit itself is 'up-armored' from pre-war designs, while not a fully enclosed suit itself, armor plating along the torso and limbs exists capable of withstanding small-arms and even anti-material rifle fire. Armaments are typically belt-fed MGs as mentioned before, usually. Some patterns exchange one of the arm-mounted MGs for a large shield for the wearer's protection and to serve as cover for other Grounder troops.

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